Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
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Monday, May 3, 2010

On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 10:34 AM, Bennett William Christensen < wrote:
Oh hey,
So first things first about the calling thing I think 9 should work but that is kind of late seeing as we have to be in by 9 30 at the latest but we will see what I can pull... I will probably call your cell phone and may even call this week to let you know the details I will be calling from a member’s house and I don’t think I will be using our cell phone but I'm not really sure.

So I hear that the weather has been crazy back home but it sounds like normal Utah weather to me haha I miss it one day sunny and hot the next day it snows 3 inches its always an adventure.
This was a great week! It started off a little rocky because we had to drop three investigators because of the same issue, blacks and the priesthood. It was weird my E. Simmons said that it has only happened to him like two times in his entire mission and I just happened to have two people in the same ward. But that’s ok because we also found three new investigators this week it was sweet! we started teaching this girl Ashley who has met with missionaries since she was 16 and it has been kind of off and on since then now she is 24 and home for a while cuz she got in trouble with the law and drugs and all that bad stuff and is on probation so we cant baptize her for at least a year but we can teach her family which is what we plan on doing. When we got to her house to teach her we had to go to the back yard to share the lesson because she was the only one home and I guess she had been weeding all morning because her neighbor complained about their back yard and so after the lesson we had with her, we told her we were going to come back after lunch and help her finish weeding her backyard. While we were helping her for like 2 hours her mom came home and said “are you angles or what?" So we started talking to her to and she got us some water and a snack so we took a break and started talking about the church which is kind of a normal subject seeing as we are missionaries and as we were talking about revelation or something the mom just stopped us and said " I just had the biggest feeling of warmth and peace" pretty sure my jaw hit the ground!!! good thing elder Simmons was there he told her that that’s what we do as missionaries is bring that feeling to people it was amazing we are meeting with Ashley on Tuesday and her mom said that she is going to feed us next week!!
Next miracle: So on Saturday we went and helped this part member family clean out their garage. If you think we have allot of crap your wrong. It took us six hours. We were there from 10 to four and when we were done there was nothing in the garage on the floor!!! It was pretty sweet. But that’s not the miracle so last week we asked brother Seagal if we could start teaching him again cuz he has had 20 sets of missionaries over the last 12 years or so and still has not joined the church comes every week and takes his son to priesthood and everything he even has a calling!!! And still wont join the church but he is going to let us teach him which the miracle is! So we are going to go about it a different way we are going to have his friends in the ward and his wife there, none of the kids cuz they are really distracting and annoying. haha

Last night we had dinner at Bishop Williams’s house he is an awesome guy probably one of my favorite families in the ward. At dinner we found out that they were playing some settlers game which my E. Simmons loves so we stayed and played for like 2 hours for family night it was freaking fun I didn’t know how to play the first game so I watched and jumped on the tramp :) it was an awesome night.

To answer your question no I don’t think I have had any anxiety about anything have I ever? no. As for people going home it happens a lot more then you think it would or should definitely, but I am very glad that Aaron is going back out I think that he is going to Boston or somewhere back east that is what Chris told me.
I’m glad to hear that Chris is doing great what day does he go into the mtc? I want his address when you find it out so I can stay in contact with him!

As for some street names, that I forgot last week, so you can stalk me on Google earth. I live off of Majestic in the apartments and we are usually on Tierajada I think that’s how you spell it some other main roads are Wallnut Creek and Mountain Meadows and Mountain trail and Country Wood and Peach Hill to name a few. We are on the west side of the Arroyo rive towards Thousand Oaks that is our area.

Sorry it is kind of short but I will talk to you all on Sunday I look forward to talking to you all!
Love, elder Christensen

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