Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
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Monday, May 17, 2010

From Ben...
Hello again another great week here in the good old Moorpark. So, over the last week we have been helping our investigator family clean their( is that the right one? haha) house and it is a freaking mess!! like no joke take the worst house ever and times it by like thirty! we started in the back yard but realized we couldn't do anything there until we put all the Christmas decorations up in the attic so we did and then we sorted a bunch of junk and threw away 8 garbage bags of crap and old clothes and dirty clothes and such, which was nasty, and then the next day went back and started on part of the upstairs and cleaned out the guest bedroom and Ashley's room and made another 4 trips back to the dumpsters at our apartment so now you can actually walk in the guest bed room and the hall to get to it, we also cleaned the side of the house where you usually put the garbage cans but couldn't because of all the crap and old garbage and stuff. It was probably one of the grossest things that I have ever done it smelled way bad. On Saturday we went and started cleaning the garage which is by far the worst thing I have ever seen there was wall of boxes and junk 6 feet tall and takes up the entire garage and to make the whole thing worse we had to clean up all their nasty clothes that were on the garage floor because they were supposed to be washed but it never happened. To top it all off they have rats and mice living in the garage so it was covered in rat poop! So, after we got it some what cleaned and organized I took some imitative and set the rat traps and I am hoping that we catch something. It was weird everyone was like "I hope you stay for the next transfer cuz I am not cleaning them up"... big babies. haha We also had a great lesson with them on Saturday night about authority and why we need it we did the cup lesson with them and showed them how Christ’s church was set up in bible times and explained how our church holds the same authority and is set up basically in the same manor as Christ’s church was. Oh and they came to church on Sunday! we were supposed to speak which is why they were coming and when we got there we found out that we got bumped because a senior couple returned to the ward and would be giving their home coming talks. so we thought ok this could still turn out to be a good meeting wrong it went badly but its ok because they were welcomed into the ward very well and agreed to come next week when we speak for sure! :)
So, now for the rest of Sunday I went and got my eyes checked and I guess I have ulcers on my eye no big deal it was from allergies and this crappy solution so I have to wear my glasses for the next two weeks and I got new one I’m not sure how much they are going to cost yet but I got a pretty good deal so it shouldn't’t be over 150 for frames and lenses the good ones not just the cheap ones the guy that did my exam is a member and totally hooked us up he gave a ton of drops for my eye like a year supply and a bunch of good contact solution so it does not happen again it was a good visit to say the least. So remember how I told you I needed good glasses, cuz the ones I have are -2.5 and my prescription is -3.75 so I'm running on half power right now but its all good :)
I’m so glad that Chris’s farewell went well that’s awesome he is going to be such a great missionary! tell him bye for me and get me his mtc and mission address so I can still write him letters and such. As for Tom and Allison I’m so glad that they finally had the opportunity to go to the temple and get sealed that is so amazing!
I’m glad that Jeff’s baptism went well also I hope he always remembers the covenants that he has made with the lord to always remember him and have his spirit to be with him as he does these things he will have the strength to make the right choices in his life and will be able to serve a honorable full time mission!
I’m glad that Laina stopped by isn’t she the bestest!!!! Thanks for the grammar lesson I needed it I never could figure out when to use the right "there" haha well I don’t know if I am going to get transferred or not yet I haven’t gotten my call so hopefully I get it while I am still at the library or you will just have to wait until next week...

love and miss you all thanks for all the wonderful support you give me

love elder Christensen

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