Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Matt 1-24-11

Wow sounds like things are going great at home! Yes I did get my birthday package and I’m so excited!! I loved the basketball and Frisbee. And the journal is so cool. So I have to admit that I haven't been keeping a very good journal... but since I opened the package with the journal I have written every day. I think it gives me some inspiration to write so I can use both of the journals. And the cd is awesome! I love it! And those pictures are way cool! I especially love the ones of the cabin and the moosen and all the snow at the cabin holy cow!!! Where did you take that picture from I have been trying to figure that out for along time haha. I can't believe that I will be 20 tomorrow it’s crazy.

Well things here have been awesome! So we were able to teach Dale Bogardus like 3 times and it was so great!! He is so ready for the gospel. When I asked him why he finally was interested he said " Well I guess I just had to push the I believe button" haha that works for me! :) So he is going to get baptized this week on Saturday! It was kinda weird teaching him cause he just believed everything we said and didn't really have any questions about things. So the lessons went really fast. We taught the first three lessons in like one hour haha. We also taught Jared twice this week and it went well one of them was at the visitors center. (While I was on exchanges) so elder Tsang and elder Shipley went up there. But I had a really great time with elder Harman in SanLeandro. We were able to meet a couple of good potential investigators and the day went really fast in a car.

So on Tuesday I was invited to a special district leader meeting by President Wade. And it went from like 9 to 12 and I was able to learn so much from him even though I wasn't a district leader. I learned how to do the weekly training and it has really helped my study through this week. Then we went through the week just as normal. And we got transfer calls on Saturday and....... well I have to say that I’m a little sad but I will be leaving Alameda!!!!! Ya!!!! haha I will be serving in the Hilltop first ward in Richmond and also the Laotian ward. cool huh. but I don't know any Laotian haha I guess I will learn some now :) I will also be the district leader. wow I feel like this is going to be a lot of stress but also very rewarding!

I can't believe that it is already the end of the playoffs for football! the Super bowl is coming so fast. Well, I don't care who wins but I say go packers. just cause haha

Wow! That is so cool that Danny might be coming to my mission for the summer! I sure hope that he gets a call back for the interviews!! that and I’m glad to hear that he and Adam both did well on the G-mat. I don't know if I will ever try to do something like that. hahaha

Way to go SAM!! making it to state!! That is so awesome!! I sure miss swimming! It is the best way to clear your head in the whole world because you don't have to worry about anything but going forward. haha and I sure hope that Mitch is able to drop the time that he needs to. I know how hard it is to shave off just a few seconds or less but if you just keep working as hard as you can then everything works out in the end.
so it has been fun here in Alameda I have been able to see some amazing changes here in people including myself. I know that the lord is watching out for all of us and that he loves us so much. I know this church is true and I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to be out here to serve the Lord with all my might. I hope that I will be able to touch the hearts of the people in Richmond.

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week.

Elder Christensen

p.s. Happy birthday to me and Been!!!! :)

Ben 1-24-11

Thanks for the birthday packages they were great! I got them on Saturday and totally opened them immediately, haha sometimes I have no self control. I'm glad to hear that Paul is finally getting his eagle that is so awesome!

Man that is freaking awesome that Danny is having interviews in CA. It would be awesome if he gets a job here then he could come take me to lunch... ya right but maybe Matt...
I’m glad to hear that Sam and Mitch are doing well at swimming that is so awesome that SAM made it to state in the 100 you will have to let me know what his time is cuz I love the 100! How about Mitch? what event is he swimming? As for the super bowl I don’t want either one of those teams to win so I hope they both loose! haha guess that’s how the Lord works now I’m not even tempted to watch the game not that I would anyway but now the temptation is definitely gone!

This week is transfer week and we tore it up as usual on week six. It is funny how week six is always the best but it makes sense because the whole transfer we are trying to build and build so it just makes sense that week six is the best week that we have. So it started off by having a lesson with the Farris’s and we took a lady in the ward sister Majors who is a missionary machine. In the lesson we read 2nd Nephi 31 which was really awesome as we were reading sister Fariss stopped us in like the middle of the chapter and told us that we didn’t need to go any farther because she was already baptized and we proceeded to tell them that they did need to be baptized again because of the apostasy and she said that they needed to pray and read the scriptures in order to get the answer so we had them kneel right there and pray about it the spirit was super strong so hopefully when we go over on Tuesday we will be able to set them with a baptismal date. Alright so I just barely got my transfer call and I am staying here in Solvang which I am excited for. My new companion is going to be elder Christiansen... so it will be Christiansen and Christensen... ya I laughed too.
We had a great lesson with our investigator Taylor as well. It was cool, he is a cool guy. He is about 25 and has a crazy past but has been turning his life around and looking for something better in his life so he is truly searching and keeping our commitments which is great.

Sorry it is really short this week I didn’t have much time, hopefully I will have more time next week.

love you all
elder Christensen

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ben 10-25-10

Happy birthday dad!!!!!! That is crazy he is fifty I had no idea haha guess I didn’t really keep track of that one.
That is awesome that the Utes crushed Colorado! I'm glad that the family had fun at the Christensen’s.
Not going to lie I think I am more jealous of them going to the ski movie then I am of the chili cook off. Bah I miss the mountains! But at least if I stay here one more transfer I will get to see some snow maybe I will go shoe skiing or something just to get a fix haha
I think that is awesome that the Poulsons came dressed as Ute fans. And antelope chili sounds really good I think I might be a judge for a chili cook off on Halloween in the other ward I’m pretty excited I love good chili.
Ya being a cashier is definitely not the most exciting job in the world but in like 2 weeks it will get insane when people start shopping for that one holiday in December. (I refuse to say it until after thanksgiving). Ya he can have my badge if he wants I don’t even know where the thing ended up but if he does tell him not to loose it.

That is cool that Abbie's sister had a baby and she has a cool name. Our ward mission leaders wife just had her baby last Tuesday she was 6 weeks early! But she is doing well. She has a pretty cool name too Rylin I really like it. No Amy you can’t use the name I found it haha

This week was pretty good we did a lot of work in the golden hills ward with less actives and such. Plus we spent a lot of time riding bikes and walking because we have to save miles so we can make a trip to Bakersfield for exchanges. We taught a less active family that no one has been able to get in contact with in along time and they have a son who is nine and so we are going to start going over their more and teach him the lessons because he knows nothing about the church.
Things with Loretta and Nephi are going really well we taught Loretta the plan of salvation and she seemed like she got it. We were kind of in a rush to get to dinner so we are going to teach it more fully this week. She also came to church for the first time, which was, good except all three talks in sacrament was on baptism! And in our gospel PRINCIPLES class which is supposed to be like basic stuff right well this weeks lesson was on eternal families and lets say he spent a lot of time on the eternal part like in D&C 132 ya, it was a little deep to say the least. But that’s ok I think most of it went right over her head.
Nephi is doing great and is well on the path to baptism after out lesson this week he asked brother Moffat to baptize him when the time is right it was really cool.
So now time for some fun stuff after our meeting with Nephi we had correlation with brother Moffat which doesn’t sound all that fun but after he took us into his back yard and taught us how to rope. It was really hard at first but I went home and practiced for like a half hour and I’m actually not to bad at it I am definitely addicted to it I am determined to get good. So that was kind of fun and he taught us a fun game it is pretty much team roping. But you have one person running away from you and another person ropes the top and once you have the top you have to start hopping around while someone ropes your feet it was fun but I am set on beating him at that game and he is really good so I got a lot of work to do.

Well that’s about all for this week but next week is transfers again! Bah it’s going by to fast!

Love you all

Elder Christensen

ps this is something that a member gave me and it is really cool

Being a Christian is like being a pumpkin. God lifts you up, takes you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all the yucky stuff-- including seeds of doubt, hate, greed, ect. Then he carves you a smiling face and puts his light inside you to shine for all the world to see. This was passed on to me from another pumpkin, now it’s your turn to pass it on to another pumpkin.

I really liked this it made me really think about the good in everything because we normally relate Halloween to the devil and goblins and such but this proves that there is a light in all things if you just look for it.
HAPPY 50 TO DAD!!!! Man that’s old haha

Yeah I know what wind and rain feel like. That is how the weather has been all week. Good thing I have a great rain jacket. I also bought a new jacket cause I can't use my red one so I got a black one. :) Haha I sure hope you get some snow that would be so sweet!! Man I bet the Warren Miller movie was awesome!! Yesterday we were riding in the mist and it looked kind of like snow in the headlights of cars and it made me super trunkey haha

That is cool that you had a wonderful weekend celebrating birthdays!! Family parties are the best and the Utes sound like they are doing great! Go Utes!!

So this week has been a good one it feels like time flies by cause it is already the last week of the transfer. We were able to teach the Ormsby family and we talked about the first half of the plan of salvation. And talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and how we can feel it. It was a really good lesson. They weren't able to make it to church cause they were out of town and will be gone next weekend as well. But we are hoping that one of these weeks we will get them there. We also met with Lily and talked about baptism, the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end and it went really well. She is definitely going to be ready for the 13th of November. And Andy Tomatsu was out of town so we weren't able to teach him. But we are going to this Wednesday and we are super excited!

We also had a Halloween party this week and it was tons of fun! They had a murder mystery and we had to dress up and find out who got murdered. Elder Gray and I dressed up and traded nametags!! Great costume!! Haha we also got some tattoo sleeves and wore those so I was bad elder gray. Haha it was tons of fun I will send pictures soon. I use the library so I can't email them but I’m going to get some printed next week and I will send them to you. That’s funny that the Poulsens were Ute fans. I saw the lamest costume but it was pretty funny. Our ward mission leader bro Stewart had a white t-shirt that said "Go ceilings" cause he was a ceiling fan... haha LAME!

So the last 2 p-days we have gotten together with all the elders in the zone and played sports and it was super sweet! Last week we played football and I was so sore afterwards!! I couldn't move for like 3 days and I still had to ride my bike! This week we carved pumpkins and it was sweet! I have some pictures from that as well.

I didn't know that the Mission Pres. wrote you and asked for a 72hour kit. But I think I would like a headlamp. And whatever else you can think of. I have my knife still so I don't really need one of those. But whatever you want to send I’m sure I will love, if I ever need to use it.

Well everything is going great here! I sure appreciate all of your prayers they are sure being answered here they are wonderful. I love you all and keep praying for all of you.

I’m sure that the missionaries will love the pizza. Or you could fix one pan pork chops mmmmm!! That’s what I want! Haha

Love elder Christensen

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Matt 10-18-10

Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 12:53:10 -0700
Subject: Re: Mmmm...St. George!

Wow that sounds like a sweet trip down to St. George. That place is always so fun! I’m glad that you enjoyed church there. That is too bad that the elder didn't know Andrew. Have you found his mission address yet?

So this week has been pretty good. It started off slow but in the end it ended up to be great! So Tuesday felt like Monday long and slow. Haha but after that we went on exchanges with the district leader and that totally changed the week around! I went to his area to be with his companion and the district leader came here to be with elder Gray. While I was there we went to the visitor’s center with an investigator and the spirit was so strong. We watched the testaments movie and I forgot how strong that story really is. It’s so different to read it in the scriptures and to see it acted out. I loved it. That was the first time that I have been up there with an investigator in my mission and now I want to take everyone up to the V.C. haha. So then we finished exchanges and that was good. And while I was gone elder Gray found 2 new investigators that are super ready for the gospel! They’re Frank and Marilynn Ormbsy they are around 65 and have a son, and he and his family are in the church. So we are super excited to teach them. Then we were also able to set a baptism date with Andy Tomatsu for the 6th of November. He is still trying to find an answer to know if this is the true church but I know that the Lord will bless him as he continues to make changes in his life. We also set a date with Lily she has been trying to find that Jesus is he Savior and this week she felt like he is and that she needs to be baptized. So she has a date for the 13 of November. So things are looking up here in Alameda :) Yesterday we had dinner with this couple in the ward and they had this butternut squash soup and it wasn't my favorite but I still ate it haha. Grandma Ami would love it. We got rain again for the first time in along time and it felt nice, at first I didn't like it, but that changed pretty quick and then every thing was good.

That’s crazy that you found the missionaries right by our house! I’m sure that they will love to eat with Lori it’s always nice to meet people that want to feed us. Haha :)

I’m glad that Paul is loving work. It is really great place. Is he a cashier or working in a department?

Well that was my week I hope you all have a wonderful week I love you all a ton!!

Love elder Christensen

Ben 10-18-10

From: Bennett
To: pickleballgal@hotmail.com

I cannot believe that another week has gone by it went by so fast I can’t even remember what we did!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time in St. George, I love that place! I wish we still went there for family reunions it was good to have a change for a while but I think its time to go back ha-ha. That is way funny that you saw Leslie she is so awesome!
That is so great that BYU lost and the Utes are still winning haha I had a talk with some guys in elders quorum about that yesterday. Pretty sure every one in California who is a member likes BYU except me. Its ok I like to be different.
That is way cool that you met someone from Andrew's mission. To bad he didn’t know Andrew. It sounds like you had some great talks. This week was the primary program for both wards it was fun the Bear Valley ward was not quite prepared but it was still good and the Golden Hills one was really good. The theme was I know My Savior Lives and they both did a really good job expressing their testimonies.

Mom you are awesome that is so funny that you got out of the car to get the missionaries phone number for the Plumbers I bet they were like, “What the heck just happened!”.

In the package if it is the one I am thinking of I haven’t sent on in a while but if you open it their is a BOSTON record for the cabin. :)
I haven’t gotten a letter from grandma Ami in a while but no the articles are not distracting I really like them.

Thanks for all you do

Love elder Christensen

P.S. I'm glad Paul I liking his job! What department does he work in?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Matt 6-27-10

Yes! One week down in Alameda. It was a good week. Nothing really interesting happened but it was great. My comps name is elder Gray he is from Wasilla Alaska! And yes he has seen Sarah Pailin haha. He has been out for about 13 months. And he is a great elder. His last comp was going home and super turnkey so there hasn't been too much work going on here. But that is going to change. :) So Alameda is a small island right by Oakland and it’s not very big. We can ride our bikes and get any where in about 20 min. which is nice and it’s really flat. It’s so hard being surrounded by water! I want to go swimming in the ocean so bad! It’s been in the high 80's to mid 90's so it’s been hot and people were out playing the past two days. Yes we are planning on watching conference with some members on Saturday at least... it should be really good. The members are really nice and it’s a lot of young couples in the ward. Not much youth though. We had the primary program this week and it was really good. I remember prepare for my part along time ago it was always so fun. This past week a member was having a garage sale and we helped clean up and she gave us some tennis rackets so we played today and it was tons of fun. We only had one ball but I’m going to buy more next week. So Paul you better watch out I might be able to beat you when I get home. Haha our apartment is not to small it has 2 bedrooms and 1bathroom and a little kitchen. It has been a missionary apartment for about 10 years so it has a couple of things wrong with it... but it still feels nice to call somewhere home. We don't have any roommates so we find ways to entertain our selves usually with the tennis rackets... :)

Well I’m glad to hear that you had a wonderful week and that Adam and Amy made it home safely. Wow I’m going to miss getting wood at the cabin for conference! That was always such fun to me I don't really know why it was hard but fun. It always felt so rewarding when we could see how much wood we can fit in the cabin haha. I hope that you all have a fun time with out me. Wow that is such a cool picture of the fire and the temple! Yes I saw a couple of fires in Antioch but they were just grass fires nothing like at home. And I haven't seen any rain or lightning yet either that's one thing I miss the most is lightning! It’s just so cool!! Yeah I heard about the gas line we were at a member’s home and saw it on TV... but that was crazy do you know how it happened?
That is so cool that you are having success in missionary work at home. I don't remember the Isoms but I do know where they live. And I know how important fellowshipping is to those who aren't comfortable at church so keep up the good work and make sure that she recognizes the spirit while at church. And things will keep moving forward. I just sent the Mays' a letter today so they should get it this week.
What was your dream about? People from home are always in my dreams its crazy!!

I love you all

Elder Christensen