Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

HAPPY 50 TO DAD!!!! Man that’s old haha

Yeah I know what wind and rain feel like. That is how the weather has been all week. Good thing I have a great rain jacket. I also bought a new jacket cause I can't use my red one so I got a black one. :) Haha I sure hope you get some snow that would be so sweet!! Man I bet the Warren Miller movie was awesome!! Yesterday we were riding in the mist and it looked kind of like snow in the headlights of cars and it made me super trunkey haha

That is cool that you had a wonderful weekend celebrating birthdays!! Family parties are the best and the Utes sound like they are doing great! Go Utes!!

So this week has been a good one it feels like time flies by cause it is already the last week of the transfer. We were able to teach the Ormsby family and we talked about the first half of the plan of salvation. And talked a lot about the Holy Ghost and how we can feel it. It was a really good lesson. They weren't able to make it to church cause they were out of town and will be gone next weekend as well. But we are hoping that one of these weeks we will get them there. We also met with Lily and talked about baptism, the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end and it went really well. She is definitely going to be ready for the 13th of November. And Andy Tomatsu was out of town so we weren't able to teach him. But we are going to this Wednesday and we are super excited!

We also had a Halloween party this week and it was tons of fun! They had a murder mystery and we had to dress up and find out who got murdered. Elder Gray and I dressed up and traded nametags!! Great costume!! Haha we also got some tattoo sleeves and wore those so I was bad elder gray. Haha it was tons of fun I will send pictures soon. I use the library so I can't email them but I’m going to get some printed next week and I will send them to you. That’s funny that the Poulsens were Ute fans. I saw the lamest costume but it was pretty funny. Our ward mission leader bro Stewart had a white t-shirt that said "Go ceilings" cause he was a ceiling fan... haha LAME!

So the last 2 p-days we have gotten together with all the elders in the zone and played sports and it was super sweet! Last week we played football and I was so sore afterwards!! I couldn't move for like 3 days and I still had to ride my bike! This week we carved pumpkins and it was sweet! I have some pictures from that as well.

I didn't know that the Mission Pres. wrote you and asked for a 72hour kit. But I think I would like a headlamp. And whatever else you can think of. I have my knife still so I don't really need one of those. But whatever you want to send I’m sure I will love, if I ever need to use it.

Well everything is going great here! I sure appreciate all of your prayers they are sure being answered here they are wonderful. I love you all and keep praying for all of you.

I’m sure that the missionaries will love the pizza. Or you could fix one pan pork chops mmmmm!! That’s what I want! Haha

Love elder Christensen

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