Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Matt 3/22/10

hey it is so great to hear from you!!
i'm glad that your trip went well. that sounds like it was so fun! wow ya that was a busy week. thats so cool that chris went through the temple already! i actually got a letter from him just this week and he told me he was going through but i didn't think it was going to be that quick. haha he is going to find that time is just going to fly now that he has his call! i'm glad thath abes reception was nice i'm so excited for him thats so cool that he is married now!
thats cool that the whole fam got to go skiing even though it was spring skiing but sometimes that can be the best. i can't belive that pauls tennis match got snowed out! thats crazy! is he playing varsity or what? has he won any matches?
yeah i heard that byu lost that game a guy that came with us to a lesson told us that they lost.
thats great that your sunday was nice and relaxing after your trip. and i'm going to send grandpa ed a letter this week. yeah tagalog is super cool it sounds kinda like spanish but not really... we taught them last night about the bom and 3Nephi 11 without our fellowshiper and i thought the lesson was going really well but i guess elder lambe wasn't feeling the spirit so i was in the middle of the chapter with them and he stopped me and just told them to read the rest of the chapter by them selves and that made me super mad! i was so frustrated with him last night! but oh well now its in the past and all we can do is look forward to the future. thats so cool that you finally saw jeff and his new motorcycle i'm soooo jealous that i'm not there to ride with him! but i'm just glad that he is doing well.
oh and i just got 3 shirts from jcp and they were on sale it was awesome! yes we do service every week at the bishops storehouse that is in our area. and yes i get letters from ben but if you want you can send me his emails thats fine.
well have a great week and i love you and pray for you every night.
love elder christensen

Too much fun? No way!

Ben 3/22/10

another one bites the dust‏
From: Bennett William Christensen (bennett.christensen@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Mon 3/22/10 12:08 PM
To: pickleballgal@hotmail.com

well another week has just flown by here in moor park i cant believe that i have been here a whole month it is amazing to me! so much has happened this week i dont even know where to begin. everything has just kinda meshed together it is weierd when you do the same thing every day how fast time really goes! well this week was quite a productive week. we have done alot of tracting and teaching. last week we tracted into a family of four brandon michelle emily and shamus who i two so doesnt count from a teaching prospective haha but we started teaching them and are going back tonight to teach the restoration which is going to be sweet im really excited we also tought our black investigator named lori and she actually read what we asked her to read for like the first time! so we had a nice lesson on the word of wisdom and a review of the plan of salvation. it is hard to teach her though cuz sometimes i dont think she listenes to what we have to say cuz we are only 19 year old missionaries so we always take someone from the ward with us to help explain things in old person terms haha
so my super spiritual expierence for this week was at dinner on thursday night we went and ate dinner over at the augusts who are very cool but interesting people... but any way while we were their sharing our lesson on loaining the book of mormon not giving it away we showed them how to do it and then had them practice it and so we had brother august "loan" a book of mormon to his sister who was visiting from utah for the day and has recently gone through a nasty divorce but back to the story so we had him loan it to her and i know that it was no accident that we went to their house for dinner that night because of the things that he said to his sister to help her overcome her problems in her life throught reading the book of mormon and how it helps us overcome the trials in our lives. it was sad to see this lady in her late fortys and a convert to the church being challenged to read the book of mormon all the way through because she in her thirty years of being a member of the church had never read it all the way through! i know that the book of mormon holds the keys to our salvation and that joseph smith did translate it through the power of god. i also kno that it can help us overcome any trials that we have in our life from school to divorce like in her life. i challenge you to loan a book of mormon to someone this week i promise that as you do that you will bless their lives and in return you will also gain blessings. its not hard just share something that will help them in their lives from the bom and ask if they would like to read about these things and maybe highlight your favorite scripture or something but loan it dont give it away get something back from it like another convo about the book of mormon or something.
so on friday at service we went to the ranch again which is always an adventure and you know how i like adventures right? well this week our adventure for the day was tryitng to catch four roosters and a chicken in this giant pen it was quite fun haha running around trying to grab these chickens and put them in a crate without letting the ones we already caught out. ya it was fun! and as a bounus we got all of the eggs that sister simmons didnt want which was like a dozen or so, so thats what i had for lunch that day farm fresh eggs. yum haha
well thats about it for this week i will write again next week as usual. i love and miss you all and i hope you take in the things that i have said and loan a book of mormon this week you will see many blessings i testify of that.
peace out until next time
elder bennett william christensen

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ben's Zone Photo

Matt's letter 3/15/10

Hey that sounds like Hawaii is just so amazing!
My area is about half an hour north and east of the mission home. I only wear my coat when it rains like once a week or less. It has been sunny and nice for the past few days and is supposed to be in the 70's this week. Sweet! We are teaching a few people ones name is Leeos but I think he is going to be an eternal investigator cause he just likes to talk but we will keep working with him for now. We are also teaching a family that is from the Philippines their name is the Cuison’s and we have a member that speaks taggallah that comes and helps us teach its so neat! They know its all true but we just need them to come to church. So all the hard work is paying off. We usually try to use our area book to find people but we also tract like 2 hours a day as well. Its funny when we drive cause my comp doesn't remember anything so I have to tell him where to turn and usually he misses the turn and has to flip a u. but his driving makes me totally crazy!
We had zone conference this week so I got both of the packages thank you so much! I haven't gotten to use the cooking stuff yet cause all my comp eats is stuff in the microwave and I don't want to cook just for my self it just feels useless... zone conference was good and I learned a ton from President Wade and the assistants about how to use the area book and work with the ward mission leader. I finally got a letter from Dave! It was so good to hear from and how he is doing. And I got his address and sent him 2 that I had written for him.
Well I have to go but you all are the best and I hope you enjoy the trip in Hawaii!
Love elder Christensen.

Ben's Letter 3/15

We had zone conference this week which was really cool we had two zones there and president Murri gave a really good talk on faith that is our Christ like attribute for the next six weeks. I love faith cuz without it nothing is possible. then we did a couple of work shops with the zls and the ap's on loaning the book of Mormon not just giving it away so that way you can get something back from it not necessarily the book but another talk about religion or the book of Mormon itself it was cool so I challenge you to loan a book of Mormon this week to someone who is not a member.
So a cool experience that I had this week was I got my first opportunity go give a priesthood blessing! it was so amazing we went and saw this older guy in the ward (who reminds me exactly of Dan Elton) and is having heart problems so we asked if their was anything we could do for him and he asked us to give him a blessing it was pretty sweet then we came back on Saturday and did service for him cuz he couldn't get around that much so we went and cleaned up all the fallen oranges off the ground. Boy did that experience make me glad that I know how to do yard work and to get the job done. haha I never thought of yard work as a blessing until now it was funny cuz we were working and I think I made like five trips to the dumpster with a garbage can full of fruit while my comp made like 2 haha I guess that yard work is hard for him cuz he never had to do it in Hawaii oh well we got the job finished anyway.
Everything is going great we met with Ilene again and taught her the first lesson it went extremely well she can already identify the spirit and has been praying to know the book of Mormon is true. :) She went to the singles ward this week and is now meeting with the zl's who are over the singles ward and they are really good.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Matt's Letter 3-9-10

Well hello family!
Things here have been going good we just have to keep working. Thanks so much for the recipes I'll try and use them this week! It should be interesting cause I'm the one that is going to have to cook. That is sweet that you finally got a big storm I wish I had the snow it just makes the cold so much better. It rains here like twice a week usually and that is just cold. But oh well. The bedding is great my comp likes to sleep with a fan on and it is really cold but I stay nice and toasty in my bed with those 2 blankets. Today we went to the temple that is why I'm writing today instead of yesterday. Other than that we don't usually do much besides write letters and do laundry boring stuff... I haven't received the contacts yet but hopefully soon did you send them to the mission home? I haven't figured a way to email pics yet but I will soon maybe once I have the cord I will be able to do that . My apartment is nice its just the 2 of us and one room so its not to crowded. oh and I talked to Jeff about getting some more music so check with him before you send the next package. Can I get Dave’s address I have letter that has been written for a month and I can't send it cause i don't have his address. and I have a video that I want to send home to its from the mtc and we are "singing love at home" the first is Samoan but I will try and send it next week. I have just noticed how I have missed the family so much and I love hearing from all of you, and I am grateful that we all love each other so much.

love you all, Elder Matt Christensen

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ben's letter March 8th

Re: Hallllooooooo... again haha‏

well halloooo haha
well i will start off by answering your questions i am going to try and send some pics today we will see if they work... otherwise it will have to be next week.
Yes i got your package thank you so much for it and for the hershey bar it was a great treat an i hung the Utah wrapper on my wall for elder ray... haha

our p-day usually consists of writing letters and washing the car then going shopping and then usually we go and play basketball or darts or something we play darts at this nonmember guys house he as a sweet man cave i will send some pictures next week. Then we usually have dinner and yes the members feed us almost every night so i dont have to cook or anything but thank you for the recipies . our apartment is not bad we keep it pretty clean and ususally clean every p-day except when i went to clean the bathroom today we didnt have anything to clean it with... ya i was like how can you not even have some clorox or anything it was funny guess that stuff is just to expensive for missionaries haha

so guess what last night we were talking to this guy in our ward brother Lutz and he was asking us what we wanted for dinner this week and that his big thing is meat. so i was like ya im a meatatarian its a life choice haha he said well do you want some thing exotic like ELK!!!!! ya i almost died right then and there!!! Im so excited haha i think it was you i was talking to about that but i cant remember it was a long time ago.
this week was good but the weather has been a little crappy lately and raining a lot tell grandma Ami thanks for the umbrella it has been a lifesaver! :) but other then that it was good while we were tracting last week we met a girl named Ileen she is about twenty so we set up an appointment to come back and talk more and so on our first real appointment she said that she was looking to get baptized it was awesome so we taught a zero lesson or baisically a overview of all the lessons and committed her to come to church on Sunday and she came! it was sweet the only lame thing is that we have to turn her over to the other elders over the singles ward cuz she is twenty but still we have another meeting with her this week on tuesday so im excited to teach the restoration to her!
i really like it here in Moorpark the weather is nice when its not raining and there are mountains but they are more like hills haha but the people are really nice for the most part. oh so the other night we pretty much got told that Joseph Smith was a devil worshiper and practiced seances i think thats how you spell it haha sound it out its a wierd word but this lady just made me laugh and totally helped my testimony of Joseph Smith and the book of mormon grow even stronger cuz she just sounded crazy haha well im not sure what else to write at this time so i will end by saying i love you all and i hope everything is going well!
i hope you all have a fabulous week and cant wait to here from all of you again!

love elder christensen\

ps that is crazy that brady had a dream about the earthquake before it happened and im glad to hear that he is ok :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mail Answers/ Matt's letter!

>It looks like both elders will have p-day on Monday so be watching for letters and updates Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I was at the post office Tueseay, sending packages and got some information about sending packages and mail etc. Anything with a first class stamp (the regular ones) can be forwarded at no extra charge. However, don't send anything "Parcel post" because it creates a "postage due" when it is forwarded and costs them money to receive. "Priority" mail costs a little more than first class and is mostly for packages. Priority mail arrives faster than regular first class mail. You have to have a special envelope for priority letters. I hope that clears up any questions about sending packages and letters. For now, send letters etc. to the mission addresses listed below.

Here is Matt's letter from Monday March 1st.

well i made it safely here and got my new companion his name is elder lambe from mesa arizona. he has been out for only 5 months we are serving in concord in the concord first ward. and have been shotgunned into it meaning we are both new to the area. so finding people to teach has been really tough! our apartment is nice but was left really messy by the last missionaries. now i know why dad always has to have things clean clutter drives me nuts! i feel like i'm always putting something away haha. the ward is really nice but its going to take some time to get used to the weather cause it's either cold and rainy or hot and humid. i'm glad that chris got his call to peru that is so awesome!! he is going to make the best missionary! thats cool that the us is dominating the olympics! haha i can't believe that you got called as camp director again! well you will have fun with that. how did tennis try outs go for paul? and when are you going to hawaii? oh and the thing i would like most is some resipes or how ever you spell that. haha cause i'm sick of cereal the members haven't started to feed us and i'm going crazy! my mission president and his wife are really nice the first day we went to a chinese buffett and i had chicken feet cool huh they aren't bad just bones mostly. i don't know my new address. well i love you talk to you in a week