Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ben 3/22/10

another one bites the dust‏
From: Bennett William Christensen (bennett.christensen@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Mon 3/22/10 12:08 PM
To: pickleballgal@hotmail.com

well another week has just flown by here in moor park i cant believe that i have been here a whole month it is amazing to me! so much has happened this week i dont even know where to begin. everything has just kinda meshed together it is weierd when you do the same thing every day how fast time really goes! well this week was quite a productive week. we have done alot of tracting and teaching. last week we tracted into a family of four brandon michelle emily and shamus who i two so doesnt count from a teaching prospective haha but we started teaching them and are going back tonight to teach the restoration which is going to be sweet im really excited we also tought our black investigator named lori and she actually read what we asked her to read for like the first time! so we had a nice lesson on the word of wisdom and a review of the plan of salvation. it is hard to teach her though cuz sometimes i dont think she listenes to what we have to say cuz we are only 19 year old missionaries so we always take someone from the ward with us to help explain things in old person terms haha
so my super spiritual expierence for this week was at dinner on thursday night we went and ate dinner over at the augusts who are very cool but interesting people... but any way while we were their sharing our lesson on loaining the book of mormon not giving it away we showed them how to do it and then had them practice it and so we had brother august "loan" a book of mormon to his sister who was visiting from utah for the day and has recently gone through a nasty divorce but back to the story so we had him loan it to her and i know that it was no accident that we went to their house for dinner that night because of the things that he said to his sister to help her overcome her problems in her life throught reading the book of mormon and how it helps us overcome the trials in our lives. it was sad to see this lady in her late fortys and a convert to the church being challenged to read the book of mormon all the way through because she in her thirty years of being a member of the church had never read it all the way through! i know that the book of mormon holds the keys to our salvation and that joseph smith did translate it through the power of god. i also kno that it can help us overcome any trials that we have in our life from school to divorce like in her life. i challenge you to loan a book of mormon to someone this week i promise that as you do that you will bless their lives and in return you will also gain blessings. its not hard just share something that will help them in their lives from the bom and ask if they would like to read about these things and maybe highlight your favorite scripture or something but loan it dont give it away get something back from it like another convo about the book of mormon or something.
so on friday at service we went to the ranch again which is always an adventure and you know how i like adventures right? well this week our adventure for the day was tryitng to catch four roosters and a chicken in this giant pen it was quite fun haha running around trying to grab these chickens and put them in a crate without letting the ones we already caught out. ya it was fun! and as a bounus we got all of the eggs that sister simmons didnt want which was like a dozen or so, so thats what i had for lunch that day farm fresh eggs. yum haha
well thats about it for this week i will write again next week as usual. i love and miss you all and i hope you take in the things that i have said and loan a book of mormon this week you will see many blessings i testify of that.
peace out until next time
elder bennett william christensen

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