Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Ben's letter March 8th

Re: Hallllooooooo... again haha‏

well halloooo haha
well i will start off by answering your questions i am going to try and send some pics today we will see if they work... otherwise it will have to be next week.
Yes i got your package thank you so much for it and for the hershey bar it was a great treat an i hung the Utah wrapper on my wall for elder ray... haha

our p-day usually consists of writing letters and washing the car then going shopping and then usually we go and play basketball or darts or something we play darts at this nonmember guys house he as a sweet man cave i will send some pictures next week. Then we usually have dinner and yes the members feed us almost every night so i dont have to cook or anything but thank you for the recipies . our apartment is not bad we keep it pretty clean and ususally clean every p-day except when i went to clean the bathroom today we didnt have anything to clean it with... ya i was like how can you not even have some clorox or anything it was funny guess that stuff is just to expensive for missionaries haha

so guess what last night we were talking to this guy in our ward brother Lutz and he was asking us what we wanted for dinner this week and that his big thing is meat. so i was like ya im a meatatarian its a life choice haha he said well do you want some thing exotic like ELK!!!!! ya i almost died right then and there!!! Im so excited haha i think it was you i was talking to about that but i cant remember it was a long time ago.
this week was good but the weather has been a little crappy lately and raining a lot tell grandma Ami thanks for the umbrella it has been a lifesaver! :) but other then that it was good while we were tracting last week we met a girl named Ileen she is about twenty so we set up an appointment to come back and talk more and so on our first real appointment she said that she was looking to get baptized it was awesome so we taught a zero lesson or baisically a overview of all the lessons and committed her to come to church on Sunday and she came! it was sweet the only lame thing is that we have to turn her over to the other elders over the singles ward cuz she is twenty but still we have another meeting with her this week on tuesday so im excited to teach the restoration to her!
i really like it here in Moorpark the weather is nice when its not raining and there are mountains but they are more like hills haha but the people are really nice for the most part. oh so the other night we pretty much got told that Joseph Smith was a devil worshiper and practiced seances i think thats how you spell it haha sound it out its a wierd word but this lady just made me laugh and totally helped my testimony of Joseph Smith and the book of mormon grow even stronger cuz she just sounded crazy haha well im not sure what else to write at this time so i will end by saying i love you all and i hope everything is going well!
i hope you all have a fabulous week and cant wait to here from all of you again!

love elder christensen\

ps that is crazy that brady had a dream about the earthquake before it happened and im glad to hear that he is ok :)

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