Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Matt 4-26-10

I'm glad that it is finally looking like spring at home. It feels like summer here this week we have had weather in the 80's so nice! So this past week was zone conference and it was great! We learned about how to teach people and not lessons. So that is what we are focusing on now and things are really turning out! At zone conference President Wade read a letter from the second counselor in the bishopric here and we didn't know that he sent it. But it was awesome and I think President Wade said that he is going to send you a copy.
So the teaching has been so much better but also very different in a positive way. We taught tons of lessons this week. And one in particular from last night stuck out to me. This family the Noguera’s has been going through a rough patch lately and haven't really been coming to church. They are trying to buy a house and just haven't had any luck. But we went over there last night and when brother Noguera answered the door he was so glad to see us. (We have been trying to see them all week) but as it turns out he was in LA and for work. While he was there he got strep. and his 2 month old was in the hospital this week with strep. Anyways we offered to give his family blessings and he said yes so we are going to go over some time this week. But the coolest thing was that while we were sharing a message with them he said that he wanted to start coming back to church again! And I wanted to shout for joy it was so cool.
I know that the Lord puts us all through challenges so that we can become stronger and closer to him.
Wow! That is crazy that the frames are doing all that work, definitely keeps me posted on the progress.
It sounds like this week has been fun but also kind of relaxing. I’m glad that the graduation went well. And it sounds like you had a great meal at Danny & Abbie’s home. Are they going to stay there for the next semester to?
I’m glad to hear that Paul is doing well in tennis maybe when I get home I will have enough patience to play with him. But it sounds like tons of fun. And it’s too bad that I missed it.

I wouldn't say the Concord is too small of a town it’s actually a lot like cottonwood heights. It has a downtown area and then just houses and parks and things like that. Yes it is flat but there are mountains/ hills that I can see so that keeps me sane haha. No we don't ride bikes at all here we just drive. and elder Lambe is the only one who gets to drive and it makes me crazy. But I’m getting used to his driving so that is good.

Well that’s pretty much it for now I’m glad to hear that you are all doing well.
Elder Matt Christensen.

ps. what time do you want me to call on mother’s day? Let me know next week
Elder Ben 4-26-10

Where to start this week has been so crazy busy! But it has also been one of the best weeks of my mission!
So on Thursday we had zone conference which was good we did a lot of talking about our purpose as elders and then we talked about our companion study and how we can make it more effective. It was a really good meeting. Then on Friday we did service at sister Simmons as usual and didn’t do much this week just a lot of standing around while she talked about nothing it was kind of frustrating cuz I just wanted work!
Then came Saturday and we had mission conference/ spiritual out pouring and it was amazing! Elder Bednar is nothing like he is on TV at conference he was warm and funny and made quite a few jokes, it was awesome. It was more of a question and answer meeting then a lecture and the first thing that he told us was not to write down everything that he said as most do when listening to a talk he called that a silly tradition of our fathers but he told us to write down the impressions of the spirit and the things that we learned from the meeting. So a couple of weeks ago president Murri gave us talks about faith from Elder Bednar and told us to study them and so when we got there on Saturday that is what we talked about. Elder Bednar asked us what we learned from the talks that he gave us and a bunch of us stood up and shared what we learned and then he asked how we could apply the things that we learned and expounded upon the things that were brought up. It was so cool he is so intelligent and has such an amazing aura about him that I can't put into words. After we did that he turned the time over to us to ask him questions about the gospel and things of that nature and gave us a couple of examples of good questions and one of them was elder Bednar being one of 14 men who was their when a prophet of the lord was called what could you tell us about that process and what advise would you give us to following the prophet? So someone asked that same question and the answer was so amazing how he described being on the fourth floor of the temple and how president Monson was called and then explained how the first presidency was organized it was such a powerful testimony and really helped strengthen mine to know how a apostle of the Lord is called as a prophet and president of the church and that it is no accident.
The last thing that he did was he leave an apostolic blessing on us as missionaries and told us to be good boys and girls and as we are good boys we will be blessed. and that part hit me really hard as long as we are trying to do our best and humble ourselves before the Lord and always remember him in our daily lives he will bless us!

So last night we went over to the elders quorum president's house for dinner and his wife was out of town so he cooked for us or at least tried... he cooked tri-tip and the first one that he cooked he called a burnt offering so he tried again and this one was perfect but he said it was not done because their was still pink in the middle so he put it back on the grill for like another 5 minutes and tried it again and still had pink in the middle so he put it in the microwave!!! Ya the freaking microwave now if you know me you know that I believe only certain things should be cooked in the microwave. Popcorn and top ramen that’s all! it should be used for reheating not cooking but he cooked it in their for like 3 minutes and when it came out it still had pink in the middle so I grabbed a couple of pieces before he could put it back in and when it came out the second time it had lost all of the flavor and was brown and dry and gross. So that is the lesson for the week don’t use the microwave to cook your meat it does not work.

As for the work it is going well we have found a bunch of people to teach most of them are former investigators and I don’t know if it will go anywhere but we are going to go over this week and try to teach them I would put in their names but it might not work out so I don’t really want to...

Love your missionary
Elder Christensen

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ben 4-19-10

Hello again,
Thanks everyone for the awesome letters this week, and for all the support.
Sounds like lots is going on this week I cant believe Hayden bill got is mission call that is freaking crazy I’m so excited for him its unreal! I am a little jealous that dad went to the green and would love to see some pictures haha Grant is twelve! When did this happen? Wow time sure does fly!
Well a lot has happened and is going to happen this week! So for starters Elder Bednar is coming to my mission on Saturday and I am super excited for that I can’t wait for the mission conference it is going to be so cool. But lets rewind a little bit and start from the beginning. So last week me and elder Simmons came up with a wicked sweet lesson to share with the members of the ward to help them help us. It is a lesson of faith but more of the miracle aspect of faith then the boring what is faith lesson missionaries usually teach so we have been going around teaching that to all the members in the ward and it is going great our commitment at the end is we ask everyone at the end to pray for us by name to see miracles and find people to teach and I can promise that it works the first week we did it we found a new family to teach. Heena and Teerth their dad is actually taking the discussions in Arizona and she contacted us and we are teaching her again this week. Then we found another family this week the Brooks, Nick and Katie and I guess they have been taught before and I have been their before with elder ray but we never taught anything he just talked about sports with them while I sat their and listened. We are having dinner with them on Tuesday and then we are sharing a lesson with them so it is going to be sweet.
You asked about dinners well we have a dinner every night and I bet half of those dinners feed us meat, mostly tri tip steak. I don’t know if you have ever had it but it is pretty dang good you can get it at Costco and I recommend trying it it is not as good as flank steak but its also a totally different cut of meat so I suggest that you try it. The best way to do it is on the bbq and it is fabulous as long as you don’t burn it. Last night we ate at the Dittman’s and had it and mine was burnt to a crisp it was bad but still good cuz it was steak so it turned out all right.
So at the ranch this week we had a lot of fun or at least I did we were moving all this old sheet metal from one dumb place to another dumb place I would have just thrown it all away but then again I would do a lot of things different around that place if it was mine. But anyway so while we were moving it we found a black widow which was sweet then it got attacked by some red ants which was even sweeter and when we moved the last piece of sheet metal I found a gopher snake... so of course me being me I had to catch it so I stepped on it an tried to grab it but he didn’t like that very much and tried to bite me... so I used brain over brawn and used a stick to pin his head and then picked it up my heart was pounding cuz it kept trying to bite me while elder Meacham ran back to get his camera to take a picture but we got one which will be at the end of the letter.
we have taught a lot of lessons this week I think 25 total but a lot were to members and less actives it is crazy we got a referral this week and it turned out this guy is less active and is from Cottonwood Heights... but from way back when like the seventies his house used to be at the very end of highland drive and creek road and that is where Highland ended crazy huh?
well that’s about all that happened this week I hope that this one has more details Bonnie I am sorry I am not as good of a writer as Dave but I try my best! haha
Love and miss you all and love hearing from you and getting Dave’s letters and letters in general...
Love Elder Christensen

Matt 4-19-10

Dear family and friends,
Wow this week has been great! The weather was nasty at the beginning but now it is super nice and like 75 once again. I’m glad that work is going well I bet spring fever is kicking in. That was always the hardest time of year for me to. Do you remember the time when we had butterflies and let them hatch in my room that was so cool!
Oh my gosh that is so cool that Hayden already has his call! And Mexico that’s going to be so sweet! Yeah time flies so fast! I wish I knew a little Spanish cause we run into Spanish people all the time and I don't know what to say haha.
Oh man dad is so lucky! This past week I totally had a dream that I was fishing on the green and caught a huge brown so I got my fishing fix in too. Kinda. haha but I could still use some stress relief to...
Wow, that is crazy that Grant is already 12 and Jeff is 8! I can remember when they were born! I hope that they both had a great birthday! Oh man I miss going to Dane’s for dessert. There is a guy in our ward who is famous for shakes and we went there for dinner last night (the only dinner we had this week) and I have to say that Dane's are way better!
This week we almost got the Cuisons to church... they were ready and everything and the person that was supposed to relive them didn't show! We were totally bummed. Elios is progressing slowly he doesn't understand English to well so we are going to give him to the Spanish sisters this week, and we are teaching a new guy. His name is Joel he is 24 and really nice we met with him and his friend Luke and taught them the plan of salvation. They are both Christian and understand the concept and think that there should be a plan they just don't know if this one is true yet so we told them to read Moroni chapter 10 and to pray about it. So that went really well. We are going to see them next week.
So I get Dave’s letters each week from Bonnie and love to read them! But I have decided that my mission is boring... I haven't had my suit stolen and I haven't seen a dog fall out of a house... it seems like I need to bring my own fun into the mission haha, I don't know how yet but I will figure something out...
Thank you for all the letters it was so great to hear from the fam damily :) I hope I get some that are a little more personal though.
I guess Paul can have my room... not that I have much of a say in the subject. But I’m glad that he is keeping it clean. Is he going to prom? I heard that it is coming up soon.
Yes I use my laundry bag each week and I love reading all the things that you all wrote they keep me going through out the week. Yes the laundry mat was always a fun trip I think when I was that age anything out of the house was fun trip haha.
Thank for all the support and I look forward to reading the scriptures that you gave me. I know that if we study the scriptures we can all receive personal revelation and find answers to the questions that we have. I love you all thanks for all the support.

elder Matt Christensen

Monday, April 12, 2010

Matt 4-12-10

Hey another week gone!
My week has been really good we were able talk to a lot of people. We taught 9 lessons and that has really boosted our spirits. The people that we taught were the Cuisons and that lesson went really well! I feel that we are making more progress with the sister than her husband. He still wants to be Catholic.
We also taught Elios and went over a teaching record with him and reset our expectations... so the lesson this week we are going to go over the word of wisdom. And the other lessons were just while we were at the door step and we are going to follow up this week.
That’s good to hear that Paul is doing really well in tennis. And that he was able to help grandma Ami. I helped a lady in her garden last week and I totally thought about helping grandma in her garden.
That’s awesome that you had everyone write a group letter cause I only got one this week and it was Dave's email from Bonnie. So I will be looking forward to getting that letter. :)
ha-ha that’s funny that Zeek is allergic to just about everything. and I totally miss him so give him some love for me. Some of the members have dogs and they just aren't as cool as zeek and the people out here either have little dogs or they have a pit bull or something like that.
I know I’m just as excited for Adam and Amy to go to Belgium that’s so exciting! and to be done with school! so lucky!
Yes I did know that Laina was in china that is so crazy! What an adventure!
I did love the package that I got! I used the candy to stay awake in conference. hahaha and I got a package from the Merrill’s and it was mangos! thanks!
This week we were trying to get a hold of a recent convert that has kinda gone less active her name is Chris stern... we were thinking about her and I got this feeling to pray and I ignored it and it came to me two more times so we did. and right after that I got the feeling that we needed to call her visiting teacher, so we did and she told us that she has been having some issues with her daughter... and we went over to see her that day and heard the real story from her and helped her get over the problem and now we expect her at church next week!
I love you all and am excited to read the letters.

love, elder Christensen

Ben 4-12-10

Hey mama,
This week has been great. Alot of hard work and planning but great. My new companion is elder Simmons from Cincinnati Ohio is that how you spell it?) he is cool and a really hard worker who has been out about a year and a half and has 13 companions and 9 areas which is a ton but its not his fault he is kind of the cleaner upper of the mission so he goes to where the work needs a jumpstart and helps it get started. I like him a lot we get along pretty well he is funny the only thing that I don’t like about him is that he doesn’t get up in the mornings to work out which I don’t think I have missed a day yet I am trying not to get fat ha-ha but other then that he is awesome and really wants to baptize this transfer which is totally possible with the help of the members which I have already seen a change in their hearts towards missionaries. I guess not too many people liked elder Ray... wonder why? Maybe cuz he did not care... but anyway that’s in the past! I'm glad to hear that Paul is doing well in tennis that’s awesome I hope that he continues to work hard and I know he will play well. But tennis is not the only important thing I hope that he is doing well in school as well and I hope that he finishes strong in his last tri of high school!

Laina is in CHINA!!!!! What??? I am so out of the loop here but that makes more sense of why she has not written me back... yes don’t worry I did remember her birthday...
Dave got his suit stolen? That is a bummer how did that happen? Guatemala is a crazy place! Was that his only suit?

So speaking of the ranch yeah we still go every week but this week what a day it was so we brought this kid Dylan with us cuz I was going to try and get him a job down there cuz she needs the help and he needs a job and has worked with horses and stuff before so he came along and that was great cuz he got the job which he really needed. But while we were there elder Simmons broke his collar bone! I guess he broke it about six weeks ago in Bakersfield and so he was just walking back to the car and tripped on something and heard a pop in his shoulder so we had to go back to the apartment to get his insurance stuff and when we got their they didn’t give us a key to get in cuz we didn’t drive so ours were inside and elder Meacham’s keys didn’t have on them so we had to go to the front desk and ask them for a key to get in. Then we had to go back to the ranch and pick them up so they were not stranded out there. Then we went to the urgent care in thousand oaks and sure enough it was broken. but turns out it was more of a blessing then we thought because it was not heeling correctly from the last time that he broke it an now it is heeling correct and he has had no pain which is good so we still went out and worked that night it was pretty crazy. It was just a really long day on Friday!
I have a picture of us but it is on his camera so I will send it in a separate email.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ben 4-4-10

hey hey hey

Well it was a good week with conference and all! it was amazing we watched it all at members houses. the first session we watched was at this less active kids house his name is Brandon and he is quite a interesting kid he kept asking questions while we were trying to watch so it was a little hard to pay attention but then he fell asleep so i guess it all worked out... but i think that President Monson's talk Saturday morning was awesome when he was talking about his wife i was lauging pretty hard. i loved all the talks but I'm pretty sure i have narcolepsy? cuz i fell asleep in pretty much every session except the priesthood session. I was pretty proud of my self :) but we watched the second session on Saturday at brother Miller's who is our ward mission leader and is a little eccentric but still a pretty cool guy. we were watching and his grandkids were there and were running around and making tons of noise and i still managed to fall asleep don't ask me how but i did but is was only for like 20 minutes. but i was mad cuz it was right during elder Bednars talk so i missed that one oops. so before the priesthood session we went to in and out burger with the t.o. ward where elder rays friend lives and had dinner with them and the bishop paid so that was sweet. Then we went to the priesthood session with brother Haight who is a guy in our ward and was less active for 30 years! but now he is active again so its all good but he is a really awesome. it was a little weird to be like the only ones in in and out in white shirts and ties kinda the opposite of Utah and we had to drive all the way to the stake center which is in thousand oaks and like twenty miles away so it was packed cuz the whole stake had to go their and was the same but different then back home like it felt the same once i got there but the fact that i had to drive was weird. we don't really realize how lucky we are to be so close to the prophet and the conference center it was cool to see the conference center on tv tho and be like hey i ushered thier once and see good old Utah as they panned the outside and look at the sky and the landscape of my beautiful state haha. so back to the story on Sunday morning we went and watched with the Hawker family and the dad and mom just got married like a year ago and she has two kids who are not members but want to get baptized and thier real dad wont let them which sucks so they have had the lessons like a hundred times. but it was good to watch with them and talk about it as we went. then for the last session we went over to sister Alperts house who is in charge of our dinner calendar and she is a convert and her husband is Jewish and comes to church every week and does family night with her and everything but wont get baptized so it was good to watch with him and then we had dinner at their house which was good we had ham and potatoes and the works it was sweet. oh and i actually ate yams... not to bad a little stringy but not to bad.
so that is conference in a nut shell. I would have to say that my favorite talk was elder Rasband of the seventy during the priesthood session or elder Ballards talk in the first session but we are not supposed to have favorites so i liked them all.

i will be staying here in Moorpark this transfer which i am excited for i really like the ward and want to help it grow. elder Ray will be departing across the hill to a city called fillmore where he will finish his mission. my new companion will be elder Simmons i will tell you more about him next week.

thank you so much for the Easter package and for the shirts i don't know which i was more excited for peeps of or shorts sleeve shirts haha but of course as soon as i get short sleeve shirts it decides to rain. it was very cold yesterday and it rained most of the morning today which was nice to get a little change of weather for a while.
what did you end up doing for conference I'm sure its in your letter i cant read so i am a little mad about that but oh well keep me updated on stuff :)
love you all and miss you tons.
love elder christensen.

Matt 4-4-10

well the transfer is just ended and elder Lambe and I are both staying here in concord for at least the next 6 weeks. sorry you didn't get the e mail last week I sent it and it even had pictures!
Well I have to say that killing with love really does work! haha elder Lambe had a wonderful chat this week and i just had to not argue. i was surprised at my self to. that is so crazy that you got that much snow this week but I'm not surprised cause all it did here this week was rain. i was thinking about you guys and watching conference at the cabin. man i miss doing stuff like that.

wasn't conference wonderful! we watched it at the church and i have to admit i fell asleep alot... but i tried to keep my self awake by eating some of the candy that was sent but it still didn't help haha. it sounds like having everyone over to the house was a ton of fun! I'm jealous about the pie that sounds like it was divine! After conference yesterday we tracted for 2 hours in the pouring rain! so fun... then we went to a members house to eat dinner and we had ribs and stuff it was super good! then after that we went to the Cuisons house and taught them and committed them to baptism but they didn't give us an answer... they still want to be Catholic... so we will working with them.

sorry this is so short i don't really have anything to talk about this week cause the only lesson that we taught this week was the Cuisons. but we are looking forward to this up coming week.

i hope you all have a good week, and enjoy the snow for me :)
love elder matt christensen