Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Matt 4-19-10

Dear family and friends,
Wow this week has been great! The weather was nasty at the beginning but now it is super nice and like 75 once again. I’m glad that work is going well I bet spring fever is kicking in. That was always the hardest time of year for me to. Do you remember the time when we had butterflies and let them hatch in my room that was so cool!
Oh my gosh that is so cool that Hayden already has his call! And Mexico that’s going to be so sweet! Yeah time flies so fast! I wish I knew a little Spanish cause we run into Spanish people all the time and I don't know what to say haha.
Oh man dad is so lucky! This past week I totally had a dream that I was fishing on the green and caught a huge brown so I got my fishing fix in too. Kinda. haha but I could still use some stress relief to...
Wow, that is crazy that Grant is already 12 and Jeff is 8! I can remember when they were born! I hope that they both had a great birthday! Oh man I miss going to Dane’s for dessert. There is a guy in our ward who is famous for shakes and we went there for dinner last night (the only dinner we had this week) and I have to say that Dane's are way better!
This week we almost got the Cuisons to church... they were ready and everything and the person that was supposed to relive them didn't show! We were totally bummed. Elios is progressing slowly he doesn't understand English to well so we are going to give him to the Spanish sisters this week, and we are teaching a new guy. His name is Joel he is 24 and really nice we met with him and his friend Luke and taught them the plan of salvation. They are both Christian and understand the concept and think that there should be a plan they just don't know if this one is true yet so we told them to read Moroni chapter 10 and to pray about it. So that went really well. We are going to see them next week.
So I get Dave’s letters each week from Bonnie and love to read them! But I have decided that my mission is boring... I haven't had my suit stolen and I haven't seen a dog fall out of a house... it seems like I need to bring my own fun into the mission haha, I don't know how yet but I will figure something out...
Thank you for all the letters it was so great to hear from the fam damily :) I hope I get some that are a little more personal though.
I guess Paul can have my room... not that I have much of a say in the subject. But I’m glad that he is keeping it clean. Is he going to prom? I heard that it is coming up soon.
Yes I use my laundry bag each week and I love reading all the things that you all wrote they keep me going through out the week. Yes the laundry mat was always a fun trip I think when I was that age anything out of the house was fun trip haha.
Thank for all the support and I look forward to reading the scriptures that you gave me. I know that if we study the scriptures we can all receive personal revelation and find answers to the questions that we have. I love you all thanks for all the support.

elder Matt Christensen

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