Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ben 4-12-10

Hey mama,
This week has been great. Alot of hard work and planning but great. My new companion is elder Simmons from Cincinnati Ohio is that how you spell it?) he is cool and a really hard worker who has been out about a year and a half and has 13 companions and 9 areas which is a ton but its not his fault he is kind of the cleaner upper of the mission so he goes to where the work needs a jumpstart and helps it get started. I like him a lot we get along pretty well he is funny the only thing that I don’t like about him is that he doesn’t get up in the mornings to work out which I don’t think I have missed a day yet I am trying not to get fat ha-ha but other then that he is awesome and really wants to baptize this transfer which is totally possible with the help of the members which I have already seen a change in their hearts towards missionaries. I guess not too many people liked elder Ray... wonder why? Maybe cuz he did not care... but anyway that’s in the past! I'm glad to hear that Paul is doing well in tennis that’s awesome I hope that he continues to work hard and I know he will play well. But tennis is not the only important thing I hope that he is doing well in school as well and I hope that he finishes strong in his last tri of high school!

Laina is in CHINA!!!!! What??? I am so out of the loop here but that makes more sense of why she has not written me back... yes don’t worry I did remember her birthday...
Dave got his suit stolen? That is a bummer how did that happen? Guatemala is a crazy place! Was that his only suit?

So speaking of the ranch yeah we still go every week but this week what a day it was so we brought this kid Dylan with us cuz I was going to try and get him a job down there cuz she needs the help and he needs a job and has worked with horses and stuff before so he came along and that was great cuz he got the job which he really needed. But while we were there elder Simmons broke his collar bone! I guess he broke it about six weeks ago in Bakersfield and so he was just walking back to the car and tripped on something and heard a pop in his shoulder so we had to go back to the apartment to get his insurance stuff and when we got their they didn’t give us a key to get in cuz we didn’t drive so ours were inside and elder Meacham’s keys didn’t have on them so we had to go to the front desk and ask them for a key to get in. Then we had to go back to the ranch and pick them up so they were not stranded out there. Then we went to the urgent care in thousand oaks and sure enough it was broken. but turns out it was more of a blessing then we thought because it was not heeling correctly from the last time that he broke it an now it is heeling correct and he has had no pain which is good so we still went out and worked that night it was pretty crazy. It was just a really long day on Friday!
I have a picture of us but it is on his camera so I will send it in a separate email.

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