Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
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Friday, April 9, 2010

Ben 4-4-10

hey hey hey

Well it was a good week with conference and all! it was amazing we watched it all at members houses. the first session we watched was at this less active kids house his name is Brandon and he is quite a interesting kid he kept asking questions while we were trying to watch so it was a little hard to pay attention but then he fell asleep so i guess it all worked out... but i think that President Monson's talk Saturday morning was awesome when he was talking about his wife i was lauging pretty hard. i loved all the talks but I'm pretty sure i have narcolepsy? cuz i fell asleep in pretty much every session except the priesthood session. I was pretty proud of my self :) but we watched the second session on Saturday at brother Miller's who is our ward mission leader and is a little eccentric but still a pretty cool guy. we were watching and his grandkids were there and were running around and making tons of noise and i still managed to fall asleep don't ask me how but i did but is was only for like 20 minutes. but i was mad cuz it was right during elder Bednars talk so i missed that one oops. so before the priesthood session we went to in and out burger with the t.o. ward where elder rays friend lives and had dinner with them and the bishop paid so that was sweet. Then we went to the priesthood session with brother Haight who is a guy in our ward and was less active for 30 years! but now he is active again so its all good but he is a really awesome. it was a little weird to be like the only ones in in and out in white shirts and ties kinda the opposite of Utah and we had to drive all the way to the stake center which is in thousand oaks and like twenty miles away so it was packed cuz the whole stake had to go their and was the same but different then back home like it felt the same once i got there but the fact that i had to drive was weird. we don't really realize how lucky we are to be so close to the prophet and the conference center it was cool to see the conference center on tv tho and be like hey i ushered thier once and see good old Utah as they panned the outside and look at the sky and the landscape of my beautiful state haha. so back to the story on Sunday morning we went and watched with the Hawker family and the dad and mom just got married like a year ago and she has two kids who are not members but want to get baptized and thier real dad wont let them which sucks so they have had the lessons like a hundred times. but it was good to watch with them and talk about it as we went. then for the last session we went over to sister Alperts house who is in charge of our dinner calendar and she is a convert and her husband is Jewish and comes to church every week and does family night with her and everything but wont get baptized so it was good to watch with him and then we had dinner at their house which was good we had ham and potatoes and the works it was sweet. oh and i actually ate yams... not to bad a little stringy but not to bad.
so that is conference in a nut shell. I would have to say that my favorite talk was elder Rasband of the seventy during the priesthood session or elder Ballards talk in the first session but we are not supposed to have favorites so i liked them all.

i will be staying here in Moorpark this transfer which i am excited for i really like the ward and want to help it grow. elder Ray will be departing across the hill to a city called fillmore where he will finish his mission. my new companion will be elder Simmons i will tell you more about him next week.

thank you so much for the Easter package and for the shirts i don't know which i was more excited for peeps of or shorts sleeve shirts haha but of course as soon as i get short sleeve shirts it decides to rain. it was very cold yesterday and it rained most of the morning today which was nice to get a little change of weather for a while.
what did you end up doing for conference I'm sure its in your letter i cant read so i am a little mad about that but oh well keep me updated on stuff :)
love you all and miss you tons.
love elder christensen.

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