Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Ben 4-19-10

Hello again,
Thanks everyone for the awesome letters this week, and for all the support.
Sounds like lots is going on this week I cant believe Hayden bill got is mission call that is freaking crazy I’m so excited for him its unreal! I am a little jealous that dad went to the green and would love to see some pictures haha Grant is twelve! When did this happen? Wow time sure does fly!
Well a lot has happened and is going to happen this week! So for starters Elder Bednar is coming to my mission on Saturday and I am super excited for that I can’t wait for the mission conference it is going to be so cool. But lets rewind a little bit and start from the beginning. So last week me and elder Simmons came up with a wicked sweet lesson to share with the members of the ward to help them help us. It is a lesson of faith but more of the miracle aspect of faith then the boring what is faith lesson missionaries usually teach so we have been going around teaching that to all the members in the ward and it is going great our commitment at the end is we ask everyone at the end to pray for us by name to see miracles and find people to teach and I can promise that it works the first week we did it we found a new family to teach. Heena and Teerth their dad is actually taking the discussions in Arizona and she contacted us and we are teaching her again this week. Then we found another family this week the Brooks, Nick and Katie and I guess they have been taught before and I have been their before with elder ray but we never taught anything he just talked about sports with them while I sat their and listened. We are having dinner with them on Tuesday and then we are sharing a lesson with them so it is going to be sweet.
You asked about dinners well we have a dinner every night and I bet half of those dinners feed us meat, mostly tri tip steak. I don’t know if you have ever had it but it is pretty dang good you can get it at Costco and I recommend trying it it is not as good as flank steak but its also a totally different cut of meat so I suggest that you try it. The best way to do it is on the bbq and it is fabulous as long as you don’t burn it. Last night we ate at the Dittman’s and had it and mine was burnt to a crisp it was bad but still good cuz it was steak so it turned out all right.
So at the ranch this week we had a lot of fun or at least I did we were moving all this old sheet metal from one dumb place to another dumb place I would have just thrown it all away but then again I would do a lot of things different around that place if it was mine. But anyway so while we were moving it we found a black widow which was sweet then it got attacked by some red ants which was even sweeter and when we moved the last piece of sheet metal I found a gopher snake... so of course me being me I had to catch it so I stepped on it an tried to grab it but he didn’t like that very much and tried to bite me... so I used brain over brawn and used a stick to pin his head and then picked it up my heart was pounding cuz it kept trying to bite me while elder Meacham ran back to get his camera to take a picture but we got one which will be at the end of the letter.
we have taught a lot of lessons this week I think 25 total but a lot were to members and less actives it is crazy we got a referral this week and it turned out this guy is less active and is from Cottonwood Heights... but from way back when like the seventies his house used to be at the very end of highland drive and creek road and that is where Highland ended crazy huh?
well that’s about all that happened this week I hope that this one has more details Bonnie I am sorry I am not as good of a writer as Dave but I try my best! haha
Love and miss you all and love hearing from you and getting Dave’s letters and letters in general...
Love Elder Christensen

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  1. Hi! I'm Desiree all the way from New Zealand lol my older brother Elder PETERSEN is currently serving in the California-Ventura mission and in his first e-mail to us back home, he mentioned his 1st trainer/companion was an Elder CHRISTENSEN serving in the California-Ventura mission also.. Would you happen to know if the Elder Christensen on this page is the one I speak of? lol if so,small world! :)