Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Matt 4-12-10

Hey another week gone!
My week has been really good we were able talk to a lot of people. We taught 9 lessons and that has really boosted our spirits. The people that we taught were the Cuisons and that lesson went really well! I feel that we are making more progress with the sister than her husband. He still wants to be Catholic.
We also taught Elios and went over a teaching record with him and reset our expectations... so the lesson this week we are going to go over the word of wisdom. And the other lessons were just while we were at the door step and we are going to follow up this week.
That’s good to hear that Paul is doing really well in tennis. And that he was able to help grandma Ami. I helped a lady in her garden last week and I totally thought about helping grandma in her garden.
That’s awesome that you had everyone write a group letter cause I only got one this week and it was Dave's email from Bonnie. So I will be looking forward to getting that letter. :)
ha-ha that’s funny that Zeek is allergic to just about everything. and I totally miss him so give him some love for me. Some of the members have dogs and they just aren't as cool as zeek and the people out here either have little dogs or they have a pit bull or something like that.
I know I’m just as excited for Adam and Amy to go to Belgium that’s so exciting! and to be done with school! so lucky!
Yes I did know that Laina was in china that is so crazy! What an adventure!
I did love the package that I got! I used the candy to stay awake in conference. hahaha and I got a package from the Merrill’s and it was mangos! thanks!
This week we were trying to get a hold of a recent convert that has kinda gone less active her name is Chris stern... we were thinking about her and I got this feeling to pray and I ignored it and it came to me two more times so we did. and right after that I got the feeling that we needed to call her visiting teacher, so we did and she told us that she has been having some issues with her daughter... and we went over to see her that day and heard the real story from her and helped her get over the problem and now we expect her at church next week!
I love you all and am excited to read the letters.

love, elder Christensen

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