Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ben 7-5-10

Happy Fourth of July! How was your weekend? How was the cabin? Did you go boating or anything fun?
I am a little sad that I didn’t get an email this week but I got one from Adam and Amy so it’s all good. Sounds like they are having a great time over in Europe!
This has been a great but hard week. I am staying another transfer in Moorpark and have a new companion Elder Golden he is from Victor Idaho over by the Tetons and he is a pretty cool guy. I like him a lot and he wants to work hard this transfer so that is good. This week has been kinda tough because I have had to do all the planning and stuff because I know my way around and what is going on in the ward and such. I'm not complaining about the responsibility but I realized that planning takes a lot of time and effort that was not there last transfer. Mom you asked if I liked working with elder Simmons well the answer is yes for the most part. When we actually worked, I did. He was a very good teacher and knows his scriptures very well but he was the king apostate of the mission which means he kind of thinks he is above the law and doesn’t want to change so that is where we bumped heads but it all good he has moved on to Santa Maria and I have a new companion and a new transfer to look forward to.
So far things have gone really well this week was kind of a transition week with me getting a new comp and such so we have been going around making visits to members and trying to introduce elder Golden. We have also been going through a lot of the former investigators trying to see if any of them would be interested again. But it being the Fourth of July weekend no one was home. Oh well there is always this week.
It did not really feel like the fourth of July and I cant really figure out why but I think it is because it was not very hot and I didn’t get to watch fireworks or go swimming haha holidays as a missionary kind of stink because your not with your family. However I am in a good ward who loves the missionaries so I feel like I am at home here it is great I love serving in this area.
So on Sunday (yesterday) we had dinner at the Manwarings and we were talking inside before dinner and elder Golden was like "do you guys have a pet snake"? and of course they said no. But their was a 4 foot gopher snake in their back yard and sister Mainwaring doesn’t particularly like snakes so it was elder Christensen to the rescue. I caught it and took a couple of awesome pictures with it and then threw it over the fence and away it slithered it was pretty sweet!
We had dinner it was awesome and went to some visits and came back later that night for mallows it was awesome talk about flash back I think I ate 10 mallows it was so amazing.
Well it was kind of a boring week and sorry this letter is a little short but we have a lot of appointments set up for this week so it is looking like it is going to be a good week.

Love Elder Christensen

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