Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ben 7-29-10

Hey all,

So this week has been pretty good we did a lot this week. Last Monday we went to the Ronald Reagan library which was pretty awesome. They had a lot of sweet vintage motorcycles and some from Hollywood and such it was way cool to learn a little more about president Reagan’s life. So my favorite part about the museum was the "miniature" white house even though it is not so mini. it is like 15 feet long and weighs 2 tons it is massive and really cool you can see in every room in the white house and it is all decorated and has all of the updated changes from president to president so you could look in and see a mini picture of Obama and his wife I it was pretty cool. Then we saw an awesome fighter jet that is outside in the court yard and you can get like fifteen feet away from it they are freaking huge and it has replica missiles and bombs and stuff they are crazy big it is impressive! So that is where I spent most of my p-day last week.

The work here has been really tough this week because everyone is out of town! I guess you are too because their was no e-mail from you this morning... but this last week we spent most of our time tracting like probably two hours every day. But the good thing is that we set a bunch of appointments to come back this week. On Saturday I was tracting with elder Hunt because we were on exchanges and when we were tracting someone was cooking with charcoal and it was Pioneer day so we were both dying for some pioneer activity so we went and asked a member if we could borrow their dutch oven because we were both craving it and ended up making Chris’s famous cobbler in the dutch oven, but we did it in the oven. It turned out alright not the best but I think it is because we used canned peaches in stead of pie filling peaches and didn’t use enough sprite so it was kind of dry on top. I didn’t care I pretty much ate the whole thing by myself it was so good!!! Things with me and elder Golden are going alright but I swear the kid never stops talking, which is ok because I am kind of prone to things like that by now and know how to deal with them haha It actually is going well we are working hard and the area is coming along it has been kind of hard to get people to church the last couple of weeks because of vacation and families and such.

So today for our zone activity we are going to a multi million dollar house in Westlake the guy who owns he house is named Dirk Gates and invented wireless internet. He is a member and loves the missionaries so we are all going over there to hang out for a couple hours I'm pretty excited I'm not going to lie!

Oh and mom guess what they have tennis courts in our complex and we have been playing every morning it is pretty fun elder hunt is really good he played in high school in Monroe.

Well love you all and hope to hear from you next week

Love elder Christensen

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