Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ben 7-12-10

hey hey,

I did love the pictures of the cabin it is so freaking green for July! I couldn’t believe it! The new door looks great it is kinda weird to have a clean white door though haha you should have gotten like a brown one. Just kidding it looks great and sounds like you are doing a lot up there and having lots of fun parties I don’t remember going as much as you talk about it but that is probably because all the visits mesh into one after a while ya know?
That is way cool that Bonnie is relief Society Pres. she would do an amazing job at that. Tell her congrats from me and to keep up the good work.
I'm glad that Paul got up on the water ski it is about time he tried! But I’m glad that you had a great time up at Pine View and thanks for saying the pelican poem in memory of me, you know I totally would have. As for the snakes, Matt told me about the boa and I’m a little jealous I’m not not going to lie, but don’t worry gopher snakes are actually really nice once you catch them unless you are at the ranch then they are always mean.
I can’t believe that Chase is leaving on Wednesday that is freaking amazing I am so proud of him! I’m glad that you went to his farewell I know that he is going to be an awesome missionary! That is cool that Jeff and Laina sang I’m sure that they sounded amazing I wish they sang at mine but I guess that they love Chase more haha jk.
So sounds like you had a great week and that your talk in church went well. I think I am talking in church again this month. You know how much I love writing talks and how good I am at it... not! But it is goood because it makes me grow so much more.
So not a whole lot happened this week we have dropped a bunch of the people that we were teaching when I was with elder Simmons because they were just not progressing and it was more of a hang out than a place that invited the spirit so this last week was spent doing things like visiting potentials and tracting and all sorts of finding activities but we did manage to set up a couple of appointments where we could go back another time.
We have also been working with the elders quorum pres and the relief society pres to see if there is anyone we could visit that they can’t get a hold of. At our weekly correlation meeting with our ward mission leader we talked a lot about our dinner calendar and how there are about fifteen homes that he would like us in every month for dinner so things are coming along well. But we can always use more work!
Things are going great with me and elder Golden we get along really well.

Thank you so much for all of your support and all that you do for me
love Elder Christensen

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