Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Matt 6-7-10

Matt 6-7-10
Wow yes this week has been a blur for me as well!

To start out last week we had a bbq with the Hillcrest 2nd ward and it was super fun. There were hamburgers and hot dogs and just lots of fun with the ward. Then we found a member who is related to someone that owns a cherry orchard and got to go and pick 20 pounds of cherries!! It was awesome I think I ate like 5 pounds of them or more over the past week. Then we taught some families in the Marsh Creek ward.

Tuesday was zone conference! It was good we are focusing on asking inspired questions and following the spirit in our lessons more. President Wade gave a really good talk, and I feel like I learned a ton!

The rest of the week we just went about our business and tried to work evenly through out the three wards. Yes we have dinner with members almost every night in at least one of the wards. Sometimes we have two dinners on the same night and usually have to cancel one. We also go on splits every week in all the wards and we get so much work done that way its great!! Yes I really like the two companions that I have now! We all get along really well. Elder Williams and I work out every morning and elder Watson is really good at studying the scriptures so if I ever have a question I just ask he and he can answer it.

Wow! I can't believe that Paul already graduated!! Congrats man! I hope you have a super fun summer! Your week was crazy! Two funerals! That’s crazy! I’m sorry to hear that they both passed away but it’s good to know about the plan of salvation and that they are both in a better place.

Well I think that my birthday scripture is awesome its James 1:25 and it totally applies to me
and the part about looking on the law and not forgetting but working hard is awesome. It kinda applies to my talk on obedience that I gave before I left.
Thanks for all the love and support. I just printed some pictures last week so I’m going to send them home this week. :) keep having fun I love you all.

p.s. Did you hear about Chase Maughn, he got his call to Atlanta Georgia. That’s so cool, he is going to love it. I’m so excited for him!! (I heard from Bonnie)

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