Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ben 6-7-10

Well how should I start off? Sounds like you have been really busy and I have been about the same. This week started out a little rough but it got better as the week went on and went by super fast by the end of it.
I'm really glad that Paul and Taylor graduated that is awesome and that he had fun at grad night as I talk to people here I realize that I am truly blessed to have grown up in Utah. Most of the youth didn’t go to grad night or prom because they are not in a good environment and have lots of not so good things going on. That is funny that Mrs. Hilton gave the same crappy talk was it as long as last time?
I’m sorry to hear that Uncle John died but I think it was his time to go he sure has a long full life. And the other guy that died as well the only front end loader I remember riding in was up at the cabin but I’m sure that I thoroughly enjoyed it when it happened.
So, what day do Adam and Amy leave again? Friday? Well any way tell them to have fun for me and that I love them and to be careful as for Dan and Abbie that is exciting that they are in Cali I’m sure Palo Alto has some great weather right now.

Things here are moving forward we are still teaching the Almwicks and we are also teaching a part member family named the Segals and we are teaching brother Segal and had a very great lesson with him yesterday and found some of his hang ups with the church so hopefully we can help him understand some of the doctrine better and he will finally get a answer to his prayers on whether the church is true or not. we are having brother Lutz and brother Conant come over to the lessons with us and I think that this has really helped him open up and talk about the questions that he has so we can try and answer them. Last night we left him with Alma 32 to read and to write down the questions that he comes across as he reads so we can talk about them in our next visit. He just needs to realize that he has already gotten an answer that it is true I just don’t think that he has realized it because he has a bunch of things to overcome. I kind of like to think he has blinders on that are keeping him from seeing the whole picture if that makes sense.
Other than that we don’t have a whole lot of work but we are always trying to find new people to teach. The other day we got an mtc referral that we are trying to contact and some other referrals from the ward that we are working on contacting as well so things are not too bad. Elder Simmons and I are also doing a lot of work with less active people and one family in particular are the Razo's. They are two teenagers who’s mom is a junkie and trying to stay out of jail so they are living with their grandparents and Cody is 16 and is actually doing really well at coming to church and living the gospel so our main focus is on Brandon and he is 18 and has had a really tough time but I have faith in him it seams that I am the only one because he does a lot of stupid things that take him farther and farther away but I still think that their is good in him. Actually, I know it is just a matter of how to get him to change his ways and realize that what he is doing is stupid because he knows it is wrong which is probably what bothers me the most. Because if you know it is wrong why keep doing it? I think a lot is for attention but oh well I am going to keep trying.
Well that’s all that is going on in my neck of the woods... more like rolling hills with bushes but you get the point...

Love you all and hope that things are going great!

Elder Ben Christensen

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