Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Matt 9-1-10

Hello family!

Well this week has been awesome! We had a baptism of Joshua Aragona and found a new investigator who is super solid and we are super excited! So after the baptism we went to dinner with the Aragonas and they took us to Mimi’s cafe it was super good I’ve never been there but I liked it.
We are having the Turners baptism interview is tomorrow and we are super excited! They are so ready for this weekend and its going to be awesome! They are more excited than us, I think, which is really good to see. They have so much knowledge of the gospel already and have a huge desire to keep learning and make it to the temple as soon as they can after they are baptized. Which will be in 1 year.
So to tell you about this new investigator her name is Julie Whitman and it is truly a miracle how we found her. So, in district meeting last Tuesday we picked two streets to tract the first was Kodiak and the other was Elk horn. So on Wednesday we tracted Kodiak around 11 o'clock and only talked to two people but we left cards on all of the doors. (fast forward) to 7 o'clock we are getting ready to go on splits with the first ward and we get this text referral from the visitors center. saying that this lady is so ready and has read the B.O.M. and that she has a baptism date for the 25 of September. Well we were freaking out cause she lived on the street we just tracted earlier that morning... so apparently she has been looking into the church for a long time and knows a ton of members around here cause their kids all go to the same school. So we met her on Thursday and talked with her and she said "I already know the church is true and that Joseph smith is a prophet". So we went over the baptism interview questions with her and she has to come to church 3 times and that is all we are waiting for. She is going to ask for Sundays off so she can come to church. she has 3 kids and a husband and we are going to try and start teaching them as well. So thank you for all the prayers for the work they are truly paying off and I know that the lord is working miracles here in Antioch and all over the world. if we keep his commandments he will bless us with what we need and what we ask for. :)

So this week we get to go to the temple and we are super excited!! tomorrow at 8 am baby its going to be sweet!!

Well I’m glad all of you had an amazing week! It sounds like it was a good time at the cabin I hope you all enjoy the wonderful summer weather up there for me. The weather feels just like home sometimes... it gets hot in the day usually the 90's now and cools off in the night. but most of the summer was really cool which was nice. I got the package and when I saw all the candy and the types I said "my mom always knows what I want and need she is so great!" every night I snack on something different but I also have to pace my self haha. :)

Well I love you all and pray for you always

Love elder Christensen

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