Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ben 6-27-10

I’m glad to hear that you made it through your first full week of school and that the kids survived. That is cool that you did a fun run I don’t remember ever doing one of those at canyon view.
That is good that Adam and Amy made it home safe. Sounds like they had more adventures with Amy going to help with the baby. Sounds like you had a good time cutting wood as dumb as it sounds I always enjoyed cutting wood just not hauling it to the cabin haha. But I’m glad that things are good up there. But that is sad that all the leaves have already fallen they haven’t really changed here and I don’t thing that they are going to.
That was such a cool picture of the temple with the fire behind it! and yes their have been quite a few fires close to our apartment not very big just like twenty acres and no houses because there are a lot of open fields in between houses up here so luckily none got burned down.
I am so excited for conference next week it is going to be awesome. I think we are going to watch it at the church this time because their will be less distractions and I will be able to learn more. I’m happy to hear that you liked the relief society broadcast I’m sure it was great I love president Monson's talks they are the best.
That is awesome to hear about the progression of Sylvia I hope that she continues to grow in the gospel and I’m sure that she will as she continues to come to church. That is what we talked about in district meeting this week was how important going to church is for the people that we are teaching so that they can feel the spirit and learn along side the other members. It also strengthens the relationship between the person investigating the church and the members instead of the investigator and the missionary.
So something cool happened this week during district meeting. We were sitting discussing ways to get investigators to church and this older guy walks in and asks if the bishop was here. we told him no and he proceeded to tell us his name was Nephi Wright and that he had been ex-communicated some years ago and wanted to know what he needed to come back to church so he came looking for the bishop and got the missionaries. It was way cool we got his address and told him that he would have to take the missionary lessons and be baptized again which he kind of figured but we are going to start teaching him later this week.

Our new apartment is not that bad we have pretty much eliminated the roaches. But it is a little plain and we don’t really have that much stuff so it is a little empty. Oh and the other night we heard a bunch of people yelling and almost getting into a fight at like 3 in the morning it was really funny. So it is a change to say the least. Oh and I have another new companion elder Jones. He is from Cleveland Ohio and is pretty cool. I just can’t believe that I have another companion. That makes 5 for the 6 transfers that I have been out. There must be something wrong with me haha

So I have another cool story to tell you and you are probably going to think I am crazy but I gave a horse a blessing last night. Ya that’s how I reacted when the lady asked me to give her horse a blessing. But it was actually kind of cool. So here is the whole story. On Saturday we were over at the Roghairs teaching a lesson because her daughters are getting baptized next week and there mom wanted them to take the lessons to make sure they understood everything before they got baptized. and while we were there she brought her pony out to walk it because it had colic which is a horse sickness(something to do with it not pooping) and so they had the vet three times and about 8 Sunday night I got a call asking me to come over because they had the vet three times and nothing had passed so I new what she was calling about so I went and when we got here she was like " you know why your here right" it was pretty obvious what she wanted me to do. And she looked it up on her I phone to make sure it was alright so I gave the horse a blessing it was pretty cool. And how many people can say that they blessed a horse? Well at least one.
As for the kindergarten teacher we haven’t met with her for a couple of weeks she has been really busy and not home when we go by but I will keep you updated on her.

Love you all and hope you have a great week

Love elder Christensen

P. S. I'm going fishing today and it is going to be super relaxing!!

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