Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord

Elders Christensen's excellent adventure for the Lord
And they're off!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Less that a week till departure to CA

Hello family, loyal friends and followers!
We got two short letters this week from the Elders Christensen here is Matt's

hey so things are going great! i can't get pics here so i will look at them in the feild. thats great that you had a fun time at the cabin i already miss it! i have recived one letter from laina and jeff and ofcourse some from the family. nothing really funny has happened i just get along with my comps really well and we joke all the time. oh thats way funny that zeek thought dan and abie were me and ben tell him and give him lots of love for me. thats so cool that the swim team took state again i knew they could do it! i have a boy and a girl teacher and they are both great i definately learn more from sister remington than brother heasley but thats just cause she has lots of energy like me. haha. the mtc is fine and i'm super excited to get out into the field! i get along well with my district except for one elder who drives me freaking crazy. lets see
> some questions
> i can't think of any and time is running out sorry i love you all!! keep up the good work :)

Ben sent a short note to Kent Here it is:

hey dude thanks for the advise on the whole haircut thing i was kind of freaking out cuz i didnt want to look like a marine haha well i have to say i am kind of jealous of kirk. new sims boots that awesome! so there is a kid on my floor who fly fishes and is just about as obsessed with it as we are but he is from pensilvania and has only fished the green once! i guess i never really knew how blessed i am to live so close and have a father willing to take me there! thank you! we have already made plans that we are going to take them fishing on the green when we get back so be prepared haha well i gotta go thanks for the email
love elder ben christensen
the church is true and if you fall on hard times just pray and i know the lord will bless you and help you through your struggles.

Ben will be leaving for California on Monday and Matt leaves next Wed. So get those letters off to the MTC before they leave! Thanks for your support, leave a comment if you have time

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